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Animal Communicator – Communication Made Easy

Animal Communicator

Ever wonder what your animal friend is thinking?  Want to learn how to be their best friend?  Need to help them through an illness?  Want to help them clear cellular trauma from an accident or a bad experience?  Want to learn how to help your animal friend stay healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually?

Animal Communicator

Wonder no more! be a animal communicator

Sky is excellent at telling you exactly what they’d like to say to you!

Animal CommunicatorAnimal CommunicatorAnimal Communicator


Get a Private One-on-One Session with Sky!

Sky has been working with animals and their owners all over the world for the past thirteen years with amazing results!

Fill out Your “The Sky is Limitless” Consultation Application today and get one step closer to see what your animal friends have to tell you, how they can fast track your healing and the healing of your family!

No traveling necessary, we can work via phone or Skype anywhere in the world.

Interested in getting trained in how to communicate with Animals?

They want to communicate with you!  Learn how from a master teacher.          Animal Communicator

Sky offers several classes to help you learn how to be an accurate animal communicator:

  • *Sky’s Co-Creating Healthy & Balanced Pets
  • *Basic ThetaHealing
  • *Advanced ThetaHealing
  • *ThetaHealing Dig Deeper
  • *ThetaHealing Animal Class

See Sky’s Seminar Schedule for upcoming course!  If you’re interested in a class and don’t see it schedule, please contact Sky at so she can put you on a waiting list for that class or click the Email link below.

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You are limitless!!  All things are possible for you!  

During a “The Sky is Limitless” Consultation, we clarify your goals and what you are hoping to gain out of our working together, I will give you some valuable tips and we will do a sample session to see if working together is a fit.  At the end of our time together, we will discuss how you would like to continue, pricing, available packages and set up some session times for you so that we can begin.  

If you are interested in doing a consultation with me, please fill out “The Sky is Limitless” Consultation Application Form:


Please note:
The “The Sky is Limitless” Consultation is approximately a 75 minute session and is $150

(which is valued at $550).