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You Are A Super Hero!!

You are an Infinite Divine Creatresse™

Find your Infinite Divine Powers & Create the Life You’ve Always Dreamed of Living

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It’s time to Thrive!

Be The Super Hero, the Infinite Divine Creatresse™, that you Are!

I know first hand that its not always easy to be the Super Hero that you truly are.

Sometimes you don’t feel like a hero.
Sometimes it looks like there are plenty of people in the world to rescue.
Sometimes YOU may need a Super Hero to come and rescue YOU!
Sometimes it’s scary to let people see that you are a Super Hero.

And still other times, it’s hard to wear the cape, because like Spider Man said, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

But I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, even though I’ve had my Super Sky cape for close to twenty years (NOTE:  it did not come with an instruction manual and its been a pretty steep learning curve with a few near death experiences here and a few more over there).

I think that to be a true Infinite Divine Creatresse™, you gotta be there for yourself first–that whole airplane/oxygen thing:  Administer to Self before helping others.  

It’s like that with finding our connection to the Source of All That Is, that Highest Vibration of All That Is: Unconditional Love (…God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Nature, the Universe, Creator of All That IS, Atanaha, the Great Mushroom, the Great Sparkle Pony or Mega Unit–whatever YOU want to call it.  People call it all different things.  All is well.  It’s all Energy and ThetaHealing respects the belief systems of all.)

When we nurture and strengthen our awareness consciously to the connection of that Creative Source, all else comes.

From that place we can create any and all things:  health, relationships, well-being, abundance, joy, etc. We can only truly be there for others, when we’re truly minding our own connection and fulfilling our own needs first.  That’s what I think really makes an Infinite Divine Creatresse™, because then, love and joy and abundance overflows from that connection and we can easily and effortlessly reach out to others and help them when they need a helping hand.

That connection is a dance between you and the Divine.

What I’ve learned on my Super Hero’s Journey (not just your regular Hero’s Journey, like Joseph Campbell talks about, because I’ve had a few too many near death experiences and have made my way back a few times), is that each breath, each moment we have an opportunity to grow closer in our connection to that Creative Energy of All That Is or pull away, but we are always connected.

When I work with my clients, I help them clear the blocks, beliefs systems and trauma that are preventing them from the fullest connection possible, so they can remember who they are within that connection and celebrate life each moment living the life they alway hoped to.

I help guide them to understanding their True Divine Nature, who they truly are, and how to live from that energy on this earth in this human existence.

It is continual journey, but one that you can live more quickly than you ever realized.

You don’t have to work a lifetime to start feeling better or living the life you’ve always hoped to live!

I’m here to help you wake up to the Infinite Divine Creatresse™ Super Powers that you were born with, learn how to live from them consciously on a daily basis, teach you, if you’re interested, in how to do that for yourself and others, and manifest the most satisfying, fulfilling, joyous life you’ve ever lived.

As my dear friend, Vianna Stibal, always says, “Do you wanna play?!”

-Super Sky

Book A “Remember You’re an Infinite Divine Creatresse™ & Create the Life of Your Dreams NOW” Strategy Session.


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